Tiny family animal stuck in middle of busy highway – traffic cam captures their desperate dash

Trying to cross three lanes of traffic at rush hour isn’t a good idea.

But one group of fearless – and adorable! – animals decided they’d risk it.

They were obviously counting on the goodness of humans to do the right thing…

But they’d need a LOT of humans to do the right thing, all at once!

It happened during rush hour on a highway near downtown Auckland, New Zealand:

Last Friday, a tiny feathery family had somehow gotten stranded on the center median, and now faced thousands of racing vehicles.

Now, ducks can fly, of course … but not baby ducks!

That’s right, a mama duck and her babies were trapped and the mother wasn’t about to fly off and leave her brood behind.

So, what to do?

Well, the goodness of strangers happened: everyone suddenly started stopping so the ducks would be able to cross safely!

Vehicle after vehicle slowed to a stop and when the mama duck and her ducklings realized the path was clear, they took off!

Sure, three lanes of traffic grinding to a halt at rush hour causes a small delay.

But most people didn’t have a problem with it at all; as one person said:

“That’s an awesome example for equally respecting animals!

It’s good to come across such news and [I”m] feeling happy that there’s still humanity prevailing in a society!”

The ducks did need some assistance after the crossing, but the New Zealand Traffic Authority quickly got the family back to a safe place.

Doesn’t this just make your day?