Typically, most owls have dark feathers that help them camouflage and allow them to remain invisible in their environment at night. While they are predators themselves, they also have their own predators to look out for.

However, an albino owl was discovered and a video of him adorable and singing breaks the internet.

This beautiful little thing is covered with snow-white feathers and has mesmerizing red eyes. He’s so blond and his eyes so light because he has little or no melanin, the chemical that gives color to the eyes, skin, and hair of all creatures.

This cute little guy is amazing and many people call him the prettiest creation on the web. Not only their feathers are completely white. His beak is also him, and his eyes are transparent. We can see all the red blood vessels flowing through his glowing eyes. To better understand the causes of albinism in animals, we reached out to National Geographic .

The nature website explains that while albino animals are rare in the wild, they could be seen everywhere, from seas to skies. The reason they are so rare is not only because some of them are born. This is also because they are very vulnerable because they do not have natural protective camouflage.

Animals who are born with albinism have a partial or complete loss of pigmentation. In some cultures, an albino animal is considered to be a secret thing. The condition occurs when an animal inherits one or more mutated genes that interfere with melanin production from both parents. Animals who have albinism have specialized cells, melanocytes, that produce melanin, but in these special animals, those cells aren’t fully functional. One myth is that all white animals are albino, but that’s untrue. An animal can be almost fully white without having the albinism trait.


One way to find out if an animal is really albino is to look it in the eye. Like this toddler, the albino animal’s eyes fully reveal the blood vessels and make the eyes pink or red.

In addition to being vulnerable in nature, these rare animals also sometimes have poor eyesight, which gives them another disadvantage when avoiding danger or looking for food.

They may also have trouble finding a mate, which helps explain why they are so rare since both parents must have mutated genes. They are also vulnerable to poachers.


This little guy is completely colorless, but his colorful personality is adorable. There aren’t any details about him in the video’s description, but he appears to be living safely indoors and is being well cared for. Watch the video below.




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