Police officers are “hailed” down by frantic goose, surprised by where it leads them…

A mother would do everything within her power to help and keep her children out of danger. She will climb hills, plough through walls, overturn rocks, and swim across rivers to get her children out of harm’s way. It is not only human mothers who will do anything to protect her children. This was recently proved to be true when a mother goose sought help from an unlikely source to rescue her offspring.

A goose came and started pecking at Officer James’s patrol car. He was sited inside, and she needed his help. He threw some of his food out of the window, hoping the goose would eat and go away but she continued pecking the car. It was then clear that it wasn’t food it was after. So he got out of the car to investigate what was making it to be so restless.

When he followed it for about 100 yards, he found that one of her chicks had gotten itself tangled with some string from a balloon. The gosling was kicking, trying to free itself. That is when Officer James realized that the Goose wanted him to free her offspring. The gosling ran happily to its mother after James’ partner, Officer Cecilia, freed it from the string.

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