Man frees two bald eagles stuck in a death lock after they fall into his pond

Dan Cole and his wife were at home watching TV when they heard some strange noises coming from outside. When they got out, they noticed two large bald eagles fighting right above their home. During the fight, the raptors got entangled and fell into Dan’s pond.

Realizing that the eagles risked drowning if not separated from one another, quick-thinking Dan rushed to grab a branch in order to help them get out of the water. Luckily, he managed to free them, after which they flew away.

Dan’s wife was standing next to her husband’s side, anxiously waiting for the magnificent birds to be freed while she filmed the whole thing.

Later, the video was posted on YouTube with Dan writing, “Two eagles were fighting above my house near Kachemak Bay, Alaska. One buried his talons in the thigh of the other one and they both plummeted into my pond.”

We are so glad the raptors were saved just in time.

You can take a look at the impressive rescue in the video below.

I’m glad that Dan saw what happened and was able to come to the eagles’ rescue. Share this rescue with your friends if you’re as impressed as I am!