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Boxer gives owner serious side eye after she left him in a vet kennel to go on holiday

Sending a pet to the kennels is hard to do. It’s a bittersweet time when you’re ready to go on holiday, but have to leave your pet behind. While you’re away, you have a great time, but thoughts sometimes stray to your poor pup. You just have to hope that they won’t remember when you get back! However, this boxer wasn’t overly pleased to see his owners after they left him for their hols.

Most people hope their pets will forget that they ever left them when they see their owners again. Often this is the case, and you see excited animals jumping around and wagging their tails at their owner’s return. However, Hannibal, the boxer remembered their betrayal.

His owners left him at Dogwoods Canine Play and Stay in Olympia, Washington. This was incorrectly labelled as a vet in the viral video, but his reaction was the same. His disappointment is palpable as they collect him, and he gives his owner a withering stare.

The side eye and shade Hannibal was throwing is horrible to watch, but also a little bit funny. Dogs have such emotive faces, and he could almost be a human in this video! The disgust in his eyes is clear, and he will remember this betrayal for years to come.

Millions have watched the video, many warning his owners to beware of revenge. Someone said he would rip up the furniture and shoes. Others thought he looked like actor Samuel L. Jackson! Can you see it? We’re not so sure… What we are sure about, though, is that if looks could kill, Hannibal would live up to his namesake. Watch the hilarious video below:

Are you laughing or crying at Hannibal’s less-than-impressed side eye? Let us know in the comments, and share his hilarious disappointment with your friends and family.