Gabi Mann is an 8-year-old Seattle resident who has made some unusual friends in her backyard. In 2015, she started feeding a group of crows, but she had no idea, that those birds would return her kindness in a very unique way.

It is not by chance that Gabi started receiving the gifts.

For four years, 8-year-old Gabi has been feeding crows in the yard of her Seattle home, according to BBC.

It has become such a routine that they wait around the yard when it is time for lunch.

It looks like the crows feel the need to give back. They have been dropping off their own gifts for years. Gabi has collected most of the things they have left at her feet.

She has toys, beads and even a heart shaped pearl, BBC reports. The crows were nice enough to find Gabi’s mother, Lisa, a camera lens cap that she had misplaced.

Perhaps the sweetest gift was a piece of jewelry with the word “best” on it.

It is a two way relationship where everybody gets what they want.

It is not just by chance that this is happening. The birds know full well that they are forging a bond with Gabi.

They are not dropping these toys at Gabi’s neighbors. They are smart enough to know Gabi is the girl to go to.

She even looks at the crows as friends and family. And why not?

She serves them lunch, and they bring her gifts.

It is a lot better than some human relationships.

What do you think of the crows? Let us know – and don’t forget to pass this heartwarming video on to your friends and family.

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