Big dog is frightened of escalator, so dad carries him up like a baby

Dogs are certainly known as man’s best friend which is why we would do anything for them. But we humans also get a lot back, they bring us joy, guard our house and help heal our sadness (to name just a few things). But sometimes our canine companions need a little bit more help with the simplest tasks. One man carries his dog up an escalator when he gets scared.

One human was hanging out at the shopping mall with his furry friend when he found himself in a spot of bother. It turns out his gorgeous pup wasn’t too keen on taking the escalator up to the next floor.

Who would have thought that such a big dog would be such a softy? But fear not, this owner wasn’t about to let a small hurdle get in their way.

If you love your dogs (which I’m sure all of you do), this wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. Of course, you would do anything for your fur babies. This guy is no different. He spotted his dog looking a bit scared so he decided to give him a hug to help him out.

However, most dogs are easier to carry when they’re small. When they’re as big as their human, it can be a bit more challenging. But that doesn’t mean we won’t try.

The owner hoists his petrified pup into his arms and carries him against his chest while onlookers in the mall giggle and watch with delight.

Watch the adorable scene in the video below:

This dog has no shame, however, he’s just happy that he’s getting the love he needs. If this isn’t a commitment to your pet, I don’t know what is.

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