At first, I thought it was just a bit of a branch, but soon after, the bird opened its mouth and thus genuinely frightened the woman.

The Potoo birds of the Nyctibiidae family live in Central and South America, in regions from Mexico to Argentina. Seven species of these birds are found in the genus Nyctibius.

They are 21 to 58 cm (8-22 in) long, have long wings and a tail, large head and broad beak, and are distinguished by large eyes. The legs are weak and only work in a basic position.

The aforementioned bird species was also recorded on a mobile phone a month ago by the author of the video, who is from Chipolo, Magdalena, Colombia.

Besides the video, the author also wrote that locals heard the bird many times, but did not see it alive. Watch a video from Colombia where they captured an unusual Puteaux bird with the camera.

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