Green animals aren’t always that special, are they? I mean, green is usually a natural camouflage that allows them to blend in with grass and trees. In fact, they do not give the same royal impression as purple or red animals. Well, you can guess until you see the image of the Brilliant Green Tanager, a unique bird found in parts of South America.

This bird is no ordinary green blender. It’s called glistening-green because it catches your eye at first glance, and most people are convinced that the colors seen on the Internet are Photoshop-processed. The green hue cannot be so perfect or saturated.

Well, I googled the bird to see if it is actually this bright or if the photos were enhanced in any way. My suspicions were nullified. If anything, they are said to be brighter and more stunning real life, and at this point, I’d give anything to catch a real glimpse of one.

Brightly colored tanager from the foggy Andes forests in western Ecuador and western Colombia. Males are bright emerald green with small red and white spots on the sides of their heads. Females and young ones are duller in color and often may not have head patches. They are often found in small chirping groups, search vigorously in the lower and middle levels of the forest, and often join flocks of mixed species. In some areas, they can visit feeders and illuminate the environment.

Unlike most other bird species, there’s not a lot of difference between the males and the females, except the slight variation in shades of color. They appear almost the same and are harder to distinguish when the birds are in a large feeding group. Resort and restaurant owners may pour seeds and dried fruits into feeders to attract the birds.



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