Rare footage of huge flock of bald eagles surrounding fisherman and taking turn to be fed

I still remember me one day having ice cream at the city port, when suddenly a seagull flashed by and snatched my treat away from my hand. I was startled at first but couldn’t help but laugh. In fact, these feathered friends are known by this sneaky attitude, you can see them snatching snacks straight out of tourists’ hands or insisting on taking them from you.

However, in the video below that’s posted from Dutch Harbor, Alaska, a fisherman proves that bald eagles behave much better than their smaller avian brethren as he tosses handful after handful of shrimp onto the deck and the giant birds of prey gobble them up.

According to All About Birds, Bald Eagles have a weight averaging from 7 to 14 pounds, but an impressive wingspan that can soar from 6 to 8 feet in width, these carnivorous scavengers are not to be messed with.

Yet when the fisherman walks onto the deck of the fishing boat with a metal bowl full of shrimp, they know they are about to get a special treat. At first, the viewer can see approximately 10 birds scattered on the dock.

They hop and squabble over the shrimp, but each eagle gets its turn snatching up a tasty treat. Yet when the camera pans to the left, the viewer is surprised to note at least a dozen more birds sitting patiently on the boat railing and then even more bald eagles posed on the ship’s mast!

While the fisherman did not bring enough shrimp for everyone, the other eagles don’t appear to hold a grudge. They probably manage to sneak a snack or two anyways from the fisherman’s daily catch as all of the birds appear well fed.

Do you enjoy feeding the birds in your neighborhood? Would you feel as comfortable as this fisherman tossing snacks out to a flock of hungry birds of prey? Take a moment and tell us about your own experiences in the comments below. If you found the sight of a full flock of eagles inspiring, pass this story onto a friend!