Owl gets himself trapped in soccer net and can’t get out – then kind strangers show up and know just what to do

When a group of construction workers headed out to work one day, they never thought they’d be taking part in an animal rescue on their shift. I have to admit, owls, although they are majestic, can be quite intimidating when they flap their massive wings. But these construction workers were not put off when it came to their kind-hearted owl rescue.

Somehow, the yellow-eyed owl had gotten tangled up in a soccer net that was sitting in the middle of a field in Creve Coeur, Missouri. He couldn’t get out, so some good-natured construction workers leaped into action.

It took them only a few minutes of cutting, twisting, and turning to untangle the bird, even without any training in wildlife or wildlife rescue.

One of the workers filmed the whole rescue and uploaded it to Facebook, where people have been amazed at the construction workers’ patience and good hearts.

“He didn’t bite, so I’ll take that as a thank-you,” said construction worker Will Brown, according to Inside Edition. Thankfully, the owl is now safe and unstuck.

Thanks to Will Brown’s amazing video footage, witness the incredible moment the tangled owl is finally set free in the video below: