Good music makes you dance, and we know dancing is a great way to exercise, relieve stress and brighten the mood. It turns out after watching the video below, that music isn’t only for humans but also for birds. Such as the cockatoo here who likes to bust some moves to music.

According to Neurobiologist Aniruddh Patel, cockatoos are ” hard-wired to connect sounds with motor skills” since they are mimicking animals. This means that cockatoos know how to dance along to the beat of a song. However, Adena Schachner, a graduate student in psychology at Harvard, says that not every bird will dance to music. She says that “the brain circuitry for so-called “vocal mimicry” apparently isn’t enough by itself to make an animal boogie.”

Unfortunately for the dance-loving cockatoo in the video, his friend appears to be one of those birds that do not like to dance to music. This does not keep the cockatoo from trying to get his friend to jam along, though. Cockatoos are social animals so it only makes sense that he’d want his friend to join him.

When the music starts up, the cockatoo immediately starts bopping his head to the beat of the song. The feathers on his head go up and he spreads out his wings, which signal that he is excited about the song. The cockatoo wants to share his excitement with his friend and struts over to them to encourage them to dance along with him.

His friend does not feel like dancing, though. He keeps a stiff stance throughout the entire time song raises his feet to ward off his dancing friend. Despite his friend’s rejection to dance, this cockatoo keeps his spirits up and continues to dance anyway.

The way the cockatoo dances in the face of rejection is inspiring. He continues to enjoy dancing to the music, even if his friend does not enjoy it too. We should all learn something from this confident cockatoo and continue to dance to what we love no matter how anyone else might feel about it.

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