Cockatiel Hears Owner Tapping on Drum, Hilariously Decided to Rock Out

One reason why everyone loves summer mornings is the beautiful melodies of birds singing joyfully and flapping their wings all over the gardens and nearby trees and fences. That tells you one thing about these creatures: They’re in deep with music!

That’s why this bird couldn’t keep his calm when his owner started something that’s now breaking the whole internet. This happened last May when Mr. Inka the Cockatiel was in the company of his musically-versed owner in Japan. At some point during their stay, the owner felt an urge to bang a small drum, and that’s what started it!

In the video, you get to witness Mr. Inko’s reaction to the rhythmic drumming. As the owner does the thing, Inko starts getting excited at the nice feeling of the musical sound. This goes on for a while until it explodes into a full action frenzy, with Mr. Ink ready to move up to the source of the action and make himself an able participant. This is going to blow your mind. That bird can’t bang a drum too!

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