Angry Cockatoo is Told to Go to Her Cage – But Her Wild Reaction Is The Most Unexpected Thing

It appears that toddlers and teenagers are not the only ones who throw tantrums. Even cockatoos behave like sassy teenagers.

One woman shared the video of her cockatoo throwing tantrums. It has received over 2.5 million views. Bella, the white cockatoo, lashes out saying ‘I don’t wanna hear it”.

Bella squawks and shakes her head as her beautiful head feathers stand straight up. The bird is talking back to the woman and she has a lot to say.

At some point, the bird mimics the woman.  The woman asks the bird of she thinks she is always right and the bird has the perfect response.

We cannot tell what the two are arguing about but their exchange is hilarious. It is not different from what toddlers and teenagers do.

Watch out the hilarious video below and let us know how you would handle such a situation. Let us know what you think in the comments section.