Woman sees her dogs sleeping, turns on her camera to reveal a hilarious surprise

While Gretchen Hoey, a YouTube user was making a normal routine checkup on her pet dogs, she was stunned to see an amazing moment and she never wanted it to go away unrecorded. She rushed to get her camera so that she would record this memorable sight.

She has a total of 5 dogs of the Basset Hound breed and each one of them has his own small house. Watching the animals is one of the best sights you can ever come across.

She gets the camera and gets out slowly through the window so that she can’t cause any disturbance to the puppies that are deep in slumber land. But what she never expected happened as the puppies finally woke up and started to get out of their houses. Counting them, Hoey reached a total of five lovely puppies.

Hooey likened them to a clown car as she kept counting each dog as they come out of the little houses. After finishing, she again went inside via the window so as to evade the puppies from jumping on her.

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