While the children were busy digging in the small sand tunnel caves just to pass the time, Connor Fitz-Gerald came across a little girl of about 5 years old known as Alyssa Bostick, completely covered in sand .

The little girl managed to dig a cave but unfortunately it fell and completely buried her for some time. Connor started digging for it, starting with his head.

The girl had passed out and sand was filling her nose, eyes and mouth. After he managed to dig up her entire body, he immediately began performing CPR on her until she regained consciousness.

Connor was alone without any adult company at the time. The CPR he did on her was something he learned from watching the NCIS TV show.

Tim Fitzgerald, Connor’s father, has revealed his joy that his son was able to save a life without the help of an adult who was a quarter of a mile away.

After her parents returned, they called paramedics who revealed that without Connor’s presence, things could have gotten worse for her.

Currently, Alyssa is doing well, and as for Connor, the American Legion’s assistant presented him with the National Youth Champion award.

Given Connor’s young age, it’s surprising that he was able to stay calm and sober in such a deadly situation. Well done Connor!


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