Watch How This Dog Hypnotized 11 People On Chinese TV Show Leaving Both Judges and Viewers Gasping

Princess is a seven-year-old German Spitz who loves being the center of attention. Her owner, Krystyna Lennon, also revealed Princess is a Hypno dog.

Hypno dogs hypnotize humans by staring at them.

Krystyna and her dog have mesmerized crowds with their acts. They even made an appearance at Britain Got Talent.

Krystyna introduced her dog to the audience. She asked volunteers to come onto the stage for the experiment. Nine people showed up, and one by one, they slumped and fell asleep.

Krystyna wrapped up the act with something unbelievable. She said that the volunteers would not remember number seven when they woke up from their slumber.  She counted till five and everyone woke up. Surprisingly, none of the volunteers remembered number seven when asked to count one to ten.

Simon Cowell was skeptical about the act. Krystyna invited him on stage, and Princess looked into his eyes. Nothing happened, but he slumped after returning to his desk. Krystyna was called to revive him.