Watch As This Cockatoo Tells Dad About The Cat. What It Was About? LOL I Can’t Stop LAUGHING!

You love pets, just like me. Pets keep humans happy and occupied. It’s a focus point for all the love flowing in a person. If you want to keep a pet that doesn’t need so much maintenance, you can get a bird. If you ask me, I’ll mention the cockatoo. This video will prove something about that!

Cockatoos are some very nice creatures with lovely personalities and style of life. A cockatoo will always want to say something, and the one in this video is no exception. This is about to get heated!

So we’ve this Cockatoo, called Max – the most celebrated bird on YouTube – and then we’ve his friend, Angel, the house cat. Now, Angel hasn’t been behaving so nicely towards Max. In fact, the cat has been trying to get Max into trouble, so Max, being a straight-forward “guy,” decides to have a conversation with the owner. It’s about Angel. Now that’s where the fun starts!

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