Rescuers find huge dog in the streets—Now watch when they try to lure him into their leash!

If you love watching animal rescues, you must have heard of Hope For Paws, this incredible animal rescue group does its best to save stray animals and give them a second chance to get a better life. The volunteers who work with amazing group often have to travel long distances to help rescue the dogs that worried callers report to them.

These heroes don’t wait for a reward in exchange of their kind efforts. Their happiness is to see these good dogs receive a lot of love and care in their new homes.

One day, someone called them about a stray Newfoundland named Everest, though, the ending of his rescue story showed that every second chance is an opportunity to pay it forward!

Hope For Paws founder Eldad Hagar and volunteer Loreta Frankonyte were called informed about Everest when the big, shaggy pup seemed to lose the companion he had been scavenging with.

After rescuing him, Hagar and Frankonyte realized that the big fluffy dog is actually one of the sweetest, calmest souls they’ve rescued to date—and within days, his adorableness helped him find a new forever home!

The trio went from Los Angeles to Oregon, where Everest met his new family, including a pair of new furry friends named Bonnie and Clyde.

At his new home, the snow is everywhere, and Everest fell immediately in love—but he won’t just be a companion for his loving new owners.

Instead, he’s going into immediate training to become a service dog, and will join Clyde in visiting children’s hospitals—a perfect occupation for his patient, soothing nature.

What an amazing turn from what was an exhausting life on the streets to a beautiful new home. WATCH BELOW: