Couple notice tiny eyes staring back as they drive on bridge—their hearts race when they realize what it is

Markus Heyder and Erin Hutchko from North Carolina were driving along a bridge at night when Erin saw a tiny pair of eyes staring back from up on the guardrail. turned back around to get another look at the “strange creature.”

“She said she saw something alive on the bridge as we sped by at 60mph, so we looped around, and then she swore that something looked at her, so we looped around again. Third time was a charm. Lucky little kitty that his guardian angel crossed his path,” Markus Heyder said on Facebook.

The kitty is so lucky this caring couple drove by when they did!

From Erin’s Facebook page: “Introducing Bridgett Joy Turtle Heyder!! (the kids picked her middle names). 1 1/2 pounds and only 6 weeks old. Other than a few parasites, she’s a healthy, happy little girl. So glad she didn’t fall… what you can’t see in the video is her jumping around the back of the support beam clinging to an inch of concrete, which is why I had to reach over the edge to grab under her so she didn’t fall off. Not sure why these kitties keep ending up on our bridges… but glad they’ve been found safe!”

The heroic rescue was captured on video by Heyder, who later shared on Facebook. You can watch the video below: