Playful Lion Cub Sneaks up on Distracted Dog, Scares The Living Daylight Out of Him

Down in Cape Town, South Africa, there’s the Cornellskop Animal Training Farm. Here, you can find lots of animals from various species. That’s why you won’t be so surprised to see a wild creature creeping out a domestic animal. It’s scene that’ll make you lose your breath!

In the video, you see these two cool Border Colliers holding a conversation right in front of a cage door. This goes on for a while as they walk around the doorstop. While they’re doing this, something else is happening further at the corner of the cage. Get ready for this!

There’s a wild animal creeping in! It’s a little lion that’s probably trying to master it’s hunting skills, so the animal figures that sneaking in on the dogs would be a great start. Watch as the lion cub slowly works his way around the corner up to the cage door. This is getting scary!

However, one of the dogs walks away just in time for the lion to get to the second dog. The moment that dog turns to see the lion? Creeps!

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