Pit bull chained in cold snow screams for help – Then one cop gives her the chance of a lifetime

Some uninformed people will want to make you believe that Pit Bulls are naturally violent dogs not worth of living with humans. However, all these people tend to miss a point. A dog isn’t a bad dog until you mistreat them and train them badly.

It’s particularly heartbreaking to find that some people elect to abandon their dogs instead of taking them to shelter homes. But time and again, we’re treated to these nice videos and stories of dogs rescued even from the most traumatizing circumstances. Take, for example, this pit bull!

This dog was chained in the snow and left for to death, but thanks to this kind officer, the animal is now okay and serving his country to the best of his ability. The cop saved the dog from certain death, and when they found out how friendly and smart the creature was, Kiah was brought to work with the cops in New York. What a turnaround!

“All pit bulls are not nasty and aggressive, Kiah is a perfect example of that. She loves everyone, is friendly and although she came from the terrible ills she showed in the end she has a heart of gold,” said her handler, Justin Bruzgul.

Currently, Kiah and Justin are focusing not only on crime prevention, but also on combating the prejudices that surround Kiah’s breed.

Don’t you think evil people who mistreat animals should be judged according to their acts?