Paddlers notice potato bag floating in river – Do not believe their eyes when they find 6 little lives

When these two guys went out paddling in the Blackstone River, Massachusetts, they had no idea that their adventure was actually a rescue mission. That’s until they saw a potato sack floating in the water!

They grew curious and needed to check on this strange stuff to see what was going on inside. Well, they ended up all dumbfounded. Inside the sack were 6 cute puppies. Can you imagine!

Now this is disheartening! I mean, why would anyone put 6 lovely pets in a sack and then decide to toss them off into a river? Luckily for these cuties, these two paddlers showed up just in time. The guys called the local Uxbridge Police for assistance. The cops took the little canines to safety and handed them over to the Uxbridge Animal Control, where the pups were treated and fed.

Next, the police issued a public appeal for any information leading to the arrest of the culprit. They also needed some people to adopt the pups, and although the culprit is yet to be arrested, public response was overwhelming.