Cat keeps meowing for second walk—but when he runs out of the door, owner’s shocked to see where he goes

Fran Swayze adopted a cat from a local no-kill shelter and named him Bandit. She took the gray, and black cat to her house and showered him with love.  Fran lives in an apartment at the senior community.

Unknown to Swayze, her cat is about to save someone’s life.

Bandit is energetic and loves walking around the complex. The duo goes for long walks every day.

Swayze’s daughter came to visit one day. Bandit meowed indicating that he wanted to go outside. They had already gone out, and Swayze did not understand why he wanted to go out again. The cat continued to meow, and Swayze followed him.

Bandit walked towards the end of the second floor. He stuck his head under the rail causing mom and daughter to look over too.

They saw Mary Baker lying on the ground. Mary Baker has diabetes, and her blood sugar was dangerously low. Swayze called an ambulance, but Mary Baker refused to go to the hospital. A cup of orange juice revived her.

Baker will be eternally grateful to Bandit for saving her life.