Her latest post exclaimed:

“Y’all !!!! I told you I was doing big things !!!!!!!!! It’s #official, I am a #student of @berkleecollege @berkleeonline #music #conservatory for #songwiting and #producing !!!!!!! In four years I will have my #bachelorsdegree in the #musicfeild !!! FINALLY !!!!!!!”

Kokonis-Viggers’ exuberance upon being accepted into Berklee College of Music was palpable, and her achievement is truly well-deserved! Witnessing someone who may appear ordinary unveil their extraordinary talent is always inspiring. Often, our skills remain known only to those close to us, but with the vast reach of the internet, anyone has the potential to shine and pursue their aspirations. Through her viral video, Kokonis-Viggers has gained fame and recognition, demonstrating that it’s never too late to follow our passions.

According to ABC 7, Kokonis-Viggers hails from the Dongan Hills area of Staten Island. With her remarkable talent, it seems she has boundless opportunities ahead. Stories like Kokonis-Viggers’ captivate us, leaving us eager to discover where these talented individuals will journey next. Will she venture into releasing her own music? Perhaps she’ll grace a stage like “America’s Got Talent”? Or will she continue her path unfazed by her newfound celebrity? Currently, she seems content on social media and YouTube, but we’re eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this talented young woman’s journey, especially with her impending college degree. We extend our warmest wishes for her future endeavors!

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