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Mom Texts Daughter’s Teacher When The Dog Wouldn’t Stop Whining – Gets an Unexpected Reply

As much as you hate to admit it, Diabetes isn’t a condition to joke about. It can get very serious and even fatal. The trick lies in monitoring the person’s blood sugar level and taking fast action whenever a drastic change is detected. Well, this particular family decided to take things to another level, and it paid off!

Now, this couple happens to have a 4-year-old daughter, Sadie, and she’s diabetic. To improve on her safety, they got a dog, Hero. Hero can detect Sadie’s sugar levels and alert the family when her condition becomes critical. However, there’s something they didn’t know Hero was capable of. You’re going to drop!

One day, Sadie was at school, about 5 miles off the home, while Hero was spending his good day with her parents at home. At one point, the dog started whining. No matter what the parents did, Hero just wouldn’t stop whining. That’s when they decided to call the school and asked the teachers to check Sadie’s sugar level. It was in a critical low. Hero could feel that from 5 miles off!

Watch more details about the story in the video below:

Hero saved Sadie’s life by alerting everybody about her critical condition, and that’s so nice of him. Please watch this and SHARE!