Horrific drone footage shows dogs warehoused for search losing sanity, suffering from extreme stress

A heartbreaking drone footage of dogs kept at a testing lab under horrific conditions has emerged recently and people are left raged and disgusted.

The facility that used to belong to Virginia’s Covance is now a place crowded with powerless Beagles waiting to be tested, covered in urine and their own feces.

In the past, PETA discovered Conavce was doing research over monkeys at this same facility, but it now belongs to a breeding company named “Envigo.” Unfortunately, the company decides to remain silent of the situation while the dogs are suffering terribly.

However, we as humans and animal lovers must put the dogs’ suffering to an end and make everything in our power for these animals’ voice to be heard. You can make your contribution in the fight against the abuse over these dogs by signing a petition here.

Below is the video of the barbaric conditions the Beagles are kept in.