In another demonstration of the left-to-right subtraction technique, Hua commenced by tackling a double-digit problem. Departing from the conventional “borrowing” and “carrying over” procedures inherent in the right-to-left approach, Hua’s method required no such maneuvers. Instead, he subtracted as usual unless the smaller number appeared on the bottom. In such cases, he utilized a negative sign. For instance, when presented with the equation 82 – 35, he initiated the subtraction from the left, yielding 8 – 3 = 5. Subsequently, subtracting 5 from 2 resulted in -3. To interpret the negative result, he treated the 5 as 50 and deducted 3 from it, yielding the final answer, 47.

Furthermore, Hua demonstrated how this method could be extended to triple-digit numbers and provided an alternative approach for subtracting numbers containing multiple zeros. He suggested simplifying problems by subtracting one from both numbers, which maintains the same relative difference. This strategy, termed “same distance, same difference,” conceptualizes subtraction as calculating the distance between two numbers on the number line. By reducing both numbers by one, the relative difference remains constant.

Viewers were once again captivated by his innovative approach.

“Supercool. If all methods were taught, different learners could grasp the one that resonates best with their cognitive preferences,” remarked one enthusiastic viewer, while another added, “Personally, I feel that not only is this method easier, but it also fosters a deeper understanding of the numerical operations rather than mere procedural execution.”

While complex mathematics may remain beyond the grasp of many, these simple yet effective methods empower us to effortlessly solve basic addition and subtraction problems

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