Loyal Dog Dies Horribly after Being Poisoned by Robbers, but His Sacrifice Saved Owners

Dogs are man’s best friends and are known for their loyalty.

One family in Indonesia is mourning the loss of their dog that sacrificed his life to protect them. Achy Wijaya discovered his dog lying helplessly in their yard. The family heard the incessant barking of the dog the previous night and assumed he had spotted a cat.

Achy was heartbroken when he realized the dog was intentionally poisoned. The family was asleep when a gang of thieves planned to rob their home. The dog kept barking making it impossible for them to pursue their mission.

The dog barked but no one bothered to wake up. Then dog stopped barking, and they discovered the dog was lying on his vomit the next morning.

The family tried to save the dog, but it was too late. They could not take him to the vet since it was on Sunday, and the vet clinic deals with farm animals only.

Achy shared his dog’s story in honor of his memory, and to warn others to pay attention to their pets.

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