Little boy is heartbroken when his dog went missing. Moment he meets him again makes the entire internet cry

When you consider your dog as a part of your family, losing it can be one of the most difficult things to deal with. It’s been your friend and your loyal companion for a quiet some time. And knowing that it’s there outside lost and fighting to survive breaks your heart, you start to do whatever it takes to get it back. And when it happens, strong emotions take over you and you just can’t hold them back.

This is exactly what happened to the little kid in the video below, he kept missing and crying over his lost dog, but the moment, he walked into his house from school and find his best friend waiting for him, Oh boy! what a tear-jerking reunion! I would feel the same if I ever lost my dog! The boy so overwhelmed, his legs failed him and he fell to the floor crying tears of joy. They share a special moment as Mom explains that a neighbor found and kept the dog safe.

You can’t miss this one if you love dogs! Watch the boy’s adorable reaction when he sees his dog in the video below: