She lays on the floor and waits, but when music starts, watch closely her dog…

In 2014, Lizzy, the dancing dog and her partner Sandra Roth became famous when they performed at the Open European Championships in Heelwork to Music and Freestyle, in Stuttgart, Germany. OMG, what a wonderful dog-dancing performance!

From when she was a young girl, Sandra Roth loved to dance. She later became a jazz and ballet dancer who loved dancing with dogs. According to what Sandra wrote on her profile, Lizzy started to learn to dance when she was still a puppy. She continued saying that for her to be a perfect dancer, they both had to encounter difficulties as she is not an easy dog. In order for Sandra to make her learn, she had to train Lizzy social behavior for three years before starting to teach her how to dance.

In the clip below, you will be surprised how they perform a perfect duet. They say that sweet fruits come by after toiling and moiling, and that’s what the two had to undergo for them to come up with this beautiful dance. It is simply amazing to see these two dance in harmony to the “The Unicorn,” song.

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