kitten and puppy both found something which they refuse to let go, engage in epic tug-a-war match

Dogs love meat, cats too. So what do you think would happen if a feline and a canine happened to come across one piece of meat that they both want to devour? War?

Here’s a cat, and here’s a puppy. There’s this big piece of meat that looks and tastes just too much of a delicacy for anyone one of them to let the other have it. As expected, they both want the meat, but they don’t know how to divide it up!

In fact, I bet my house that none of them would be willing to divide this meat between them. Each of them wants it all for themselves, and that doesn’t seem to work out well. Absent diplomacy, and you have total war. Well, not in that exact sense!

The fact is, a dog or a cat would be too pre-occupied with trying to drag off the piece of meat to even get the thought of starting an actual fight. What happens next is the most hilarious tug-of-war between a puppy and a cat.

This is too much fun for one person.

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