It Was The Last Time He Was Going To See His Dog, No Wonder He Lost It… Emotional!

Anyone who has had a pet for long will agree that the connection between them and that pet is a real fixation. It’s something that doesn’t get to just brush off in the event of losing that loved one. This doctor knows that, and that’s why he’s doing this.

Doctor Travis has lived with Nala for the last 17 years. She has grown to be one of the best beings he knows. In fact, he wishes everyone can be like Nala. This dog has surely touched lots of lives. But she’s almost gone. To make the doctor feel better, “The Doctors” organized a surprise for him. It’s a tribute!

You’ll love this video. The mementos, the talk and all that. Travis gets to honor the memory of his fallen best friend in the best way he can. Sadly, the dog passed away shortly after the making of the video. But Nala will always remain in the hearts of many whose lives she’s touched. From the impression you get in the video, she was a truly lovely dog.

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