Cat confined in a cage her entire life, can’t stop thanking rescuer after getting freed

Lovebug the cat has been through a lot during her short life, but she has endless amounts of love to give to the world. No more than 4 years old, the resilient feline was locked up in a dog crate by her previous owner who suffered from mental illness. She had a bad skin infection and was missing patches of fur.

However, thanks to the tireless efforts of Furry Nation Salvation, she was rescued and placed with a loving foster parent named Patty. Now that she’s free and in a caring and nurturing environment, Lovebug’s personality is shining bright. She is living up to her name and is a complete and utter love bug!

Despite the trauma of being caged up for so long which would greatly affect most cats, Lovebug is so affectionate and cuddly. According to research, cats that are confined to cages experience a plethora of problems, including “feeling vulnerable or threatened, or experiencing symptoms, such as decreased appetite or withdrawal from social groupings.”

Confined cats also experience “increases in urinary cortisol, decreases in grooming, and increases in the frequency and intensity of attempts to hide.” It’s a miracle that Lovebug isn’t experiencing these sad consequences that affect other cats. Instead, she is showing her gratitude with cuddles – and she even sleeps beside the dog!

It just goes to show that early struggles don’t always dictate an animal’s lifelong demeanor. Many just need some love and care to become wonderful pets.

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