Baby is Throwing a Hissy Fit, But It’s How The Dog Responds That Has Mom Quickly Hitting Record!

Do you think dogs understand us when we talk to them?  Can they sense what we feel by simply giving them a certain look?

Babies and dogs cannot talk. However, the duo below appears to be in sync.

The baby does not seem to be having a good day. The dog appears irritable too. Mom holds her baby who is throwing a hissy fit. The bored dog sits comfortably on the couch listening to his human sister.

When baby lets out a cry, the dog mimics her. Maybe he is trying to comfort her. Or maybe, her crying is irritating him.

Anytime the baby fusses and whines, the dog has a hilarious response.

The dog does not move from his position. However, he makes his presence known by letting out a “woof” anytime the baby cries. When baby cries out loudly, the dog cries in an equally loud voice.

Studies have shown that an average dog understands 165 words. Dogs also understand the inflection and pitch in our voices.

Watch the hilarious footage below and let us know what you think in the comments section.