Little Baby Girl Crawls to Pet The Family Cat. Kitty’s Comeback Has Everyone Cracking Up

First, it’s safe to say that it’s not lost on anyone that cats always want the world for themselves and themselves alone. That’s why you’ll find a cat trying to “own” almost everything and every corner in the house. However, there comes a time when they meet someone special and they immediately get smitten too!

Look at the kid in the video. This little child was playing around the house when she saw the family cat. She figured that she could crawl up to the cute feline and try some petting on the small creature. And she does just that!

At first, the cat isn’t sure of what exactly this little human is up to, but he quickly catches up with the kid’s good intentions and gives in to the unsaid request. Watch as the two have a memorable moment together. For what you can see, these two will spend many more years of happiness together. They’re so cute!