Abused dog is so traumatized by his past that he’d cry himself to sleep every night

When an innocent dog has been abused for a while, the effects can be tough, the animal become weary, scared of people and even traumatized.

he dog in this story, was discovered on the streets of South Korea, he was so traumatized as he was heard crying in his sleep, overwhelmed by pain and fear.

The rescuer heard the dog crying out loud, she thought he was being abused at that moment by someone, so she immediately ran towards the whimpering sound, and found a lonely dog crying in his sleep. This poor pup was so emotionally and physically abused that he couldn’t get rest, even while in his sleep.

After inspecting the dog, rescue members discovered that he had a deep wound in his side that was resulting in leg spasms and causing him significant pain.

The dog, whom rescue officials have now named “Nuri”, is thought to have been stabbed in the stomach by some evil men who tried to grab him. While Nuri managed to escape their grasp, he couldn’t escape the effects of the injuries that he endured, both physically and mentally.

While poor Nuri continues to suffer from nightmares even after receiving excellent health care, the rescue team hasn’t given up on him! They believe that with the right humans to work with him and prove that he is safe at a new home, Nuri will be able to overcome the abuse that he has endured, giving him the opportunity to be a happy, healthy dog that can simply enjoy life.

If more people realized the seriousness of their actions, perhaps they would be less likely to abuse animals in the first place. You can help raise awareness about the long-term effects of animal abuse by inviting your friends to read about Nuri’s story – be sure to pass it along to others.