Rescue dog drags her new blanket outside to stray dog so they can share it on a cold night

Suelen Schaumloeffel is a married woman who lives in Brazil. Suelen decided along with her husband it was time to add a new member to their family, a dog. So they went to the local shelter hoping they will find a dog they liked. That’s when they fell in love with a puppy named Lana.

Lana was a homeless dog almost for her eight years of life. However, she stayed sweet and adorable even though life was hard on her since the beginning.

Lana loved her new home and enjoyed spending time with her new parents. She also had a backyard doghouse she enjoyed. The doghouse is where Lana would sleep and spend her time when her owners were away.

Suelen decided to purchase a thick blanket for Lana as it was getting colder. She placed the blanket inside of Lana’s doghouse before retiring to her bedroom for the night. Metro reports on what happened next.

Suelen’s husband went to the backyard the next morning to check on Lana. He was astounded by what he found.

There was a homeless dog asleep just outside of the couple’s yard. Lana obviously felt the dog needed some protection from the cold. Lana dragged her brand new blanket to where the dog was laying and shared it with her new friend.

Suelen says she was proud of Lana for the act of kindness. She says she made an approach to the dog to see if he was injured or had suffered harm but he quickly ran away. Suelen says she sees the dog from time to time roaming the neighborhood. She says the dog always runs from her but he eats food and drinks water that she leaves for him.

Suelen says Lana is always excited when she sees her friend and has reminded her of the impact we all can have on the lives of others around us.

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