Abandoned shelter dog thinks her owners have returned for her — watches them pick up another dog

It makes me angry and sad to see people giving up on their pets. It’s important to understand that adopting a pet is a responsability to respect and hold on. People should think carefully before taking a pet home. Those beautiful creatures have feelings too, they will love you, protect you and be loyal to you. What they would feel once you dump them and walk away. So heatbreaking!

Now, can you imagine people who abandon their dogs just to get another one that’s “better”? It’s unbelievable but it actually happened.

Zuzu, a two-year-old German Shepherd mix, went viral in November 2016 for her sad story that broke hearts across the country.

After her dad died, she became extremely depressed, moping around and crying all the time. Her owners didn’t like the way she had been acting, so she wound up at a shelter.

One day, Zuzu began jumping around in excitement when she noticed her previous owner there. Shelter staff assumed they were there to take Zuzu back home, but much to their surprise, they were actually there to adopt a different dog.

When the story went viral, the shelter was flooded with inquiries about her. That’s when Russ and Judith Gallo saw a video of Zuzu and fell in love. Their dog had recently passed away, leaving their other pup, Dodger, very lonely and heartbroken. They wanted to adopt another dog to cheer Dodger up, and they knew Zuzu was just the one!

Zuzu is doing great in her new home and has become the best of friends with Dodger. Watch her in her new life in the video below:

After a heartbreaking ordeal, Zuzu now has a loving new family that won’t give up on her. Share this inspiring story!