American Bulldog soulfully sings along to his favorite country song

Tank is an American Bulldog who loves music. The dog who lives with his two owners, Brin and Kyle, in the state of Texas enjoys singing too, but he only sings to his favorite song, which Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey.” Brin couldn’t miss the chance to share his dog’s talent with everyone, so he caught Tank singing on video and posted it on his social media accounts and you can’t imagine how much people loved it!

One day, Tank was happily playing with a toy when Brin tells Alexa, the home device from Amazon, to play a Cardi B song. Alexa starts to play “Look At Me” by Cardi B.

Tank immediately drops his toy and becomes alert. He looks around and even cocks his head to one side. He is clearly listening but only listening. “Look At Me” is not his favorite song so he will not sing along to it. He looks at Brin, too. The toy he was playing with was forgotten. Then Brin tells Alexa to pause the song and asks it to play “Tennesee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton.