Abandoned dying baby calf lays motionless on roadside – then someone steps in before it’s too late

Recently, the rescuers at Animal Aid Unlimited were driving down a street when they saw something laying at the roadside. They looked closer, to find out it was a baby calf, in the poorest possible condition! She was very ill and emaciated and she could barely move.

The rescuers quickly picked the calf up to take her to get the medical attention she needed. Animal Aid wrote on their Facebook page, “She must have walked until she was too weary to stand anymore. Or maybe her mother had died and the owner didn’t want to pay for milk.”

The vets named the cow Merry and gave her IV fluids and milk, given that she was highly dehydrated. She was too weak to move, so, she only tried to stand up after four days.

On the fifth day, she even got up and started roaming and examining around the barn she was kept in.

“She needed lots of physical contacts which was lovingly provided by staff and volunteers. And she blossomed into the beautiful girl she is today,” Animal Aid Unlimited shared on Facebook.

And, before no time, Merry was a healthy and energetic cow, happily running around the farm, making friends with other cows and smiling at everyone who meets her.

Merry is going to spend the rest of her life at Animal Aid Unlimited, never having to worry about not getting food.

We hope Merry lives a good life!

Watch the video about Merry’s rescue below: