Man has sudden seizure in the street – loyal dog refuses to leave him and chases ambulance all the way to hospial

Recently, a homeless man had a sudden seizure attack on one of the streets in Brazil. The man was found collapsed when help arrived. So, he was immediately rushed to the ambulance. However, they witnessed completely unexpected on their way to the hospital: a loyal dog was following their van!

The ambulance was speeding across the busy traffic when the paramedics noticed a stray dog desperately chasing them from the side- view mirror. Despite running out of breath, the dog was determined to not let the ambulance out of his sight.

The paramedics got worried that running in a busy street like that would be dangerous for the dog. So, they stopped the ambulance to help the dog. However, the dog was not letting his friend out of his sight now. He jumped right in the second the ambulance stopped and ran to the man. He even pleaded the paramedics to help the man, with devastated eyes. Apparently, the man was his owner.

Throughout the treatment of the man, the dog stood right by him in the hospital. The hospital staff were amazed by the bond the dog and the man had. This is probably a very touching relationship!

Watch the video below to see the worried pooch run after the ambulance: