3 tiny puppies trapped in rock-solid tar —but after rescue, they’re barely recognizable

In India, there are numerous stray animals roaming the streets, and some of them often find themselves in trouble and with no one to come to their aid. But some are lucky too.

Take the case of these 3 pups who found themselves in the scariest state anyone can imagine. Imagine yourself trapped in a pool of tar that’s about to dry up with your skin in it. If that’s not scary, then I don’t know what scary is.

Now, imagine that the trapped little soul is a small puppy!

The pups cried and whined for hours on end. No one showed up to rescue them, but that’s before the guys from

Animal Aid Unlimited got wind of the terrible situation. They showed up quickly and managed to pull out the puppies before the tar could dry up on their furs. They treated them and petted them.

Not only did the puppies survive, but rescuers found their mama! Just watch this incredibly heartwarming reunion in the video below: