The reception of Serena’s rendition of “I Will Always Love You” on Next Star went beyond any expectation. As she took center stage, bathed in gently choreographed, flickering lights resembling falling rain, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation.

In contrast to flashy attire, Serena appeared in a simple yet elegant pale pink lace dress, a perfect complement to her mature skill and composed demeanor.

From the very first two words of the hit song, Serena made an indelible impression on both the judges and the audience. Her practiced talent shone brightly as she flawlessly belted out the lyrics, leaving everyone in awe. The judges couldn’t contain their admiration and quickly rose to their feet, acknowledging the incredible performance. The audience responded with enthusiastic shouts of “bravo,” impressed by Serena’s young yet masterful skills.

The Next Star crew captured the magic of the moment, showcasing the raw talent, experienced artistry, and genuine emotional connection Serena brought to the song. Even the challenging key change, a trademark of Houston’s version, was executed flawlessly, further attesting to her skill and composure. The room erupted with applause, and some audience members were moved to tears by her captivating delivery


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