Worried golden retriever saves her teddy bear from inside the washing machine

One of the things that some people should be grateful for is having a dog, dogs are the best companions for humans. They’re loving, loyal, friendly and most important, they’re adorable just like this Golden Retriever in the video below. What she’s about to do will definitely melt your heart.

This cute golden retriever has a favorite teddy bear and she’s been looking for it. The owner put it inside a washing machine and set up few cameras to see what the dog would do once she’ll find it. The outcome is so adorable!

The cute pup’s beloved stuffed animal, a scraggly teddy bear, was given a wash and a dry but then left in the dryer with the door open to see if anyone noticed he was missing. Sure enough, the camera caught the family’s golden retriever investigating the laundry room in order to find out where his toy had gone.

Now, this was made easier by the fact that the toy was in a front-facing dryer, and that the door was left open. Both of these meant that the golden retriever could both see into the dryer, and reach his beloved pet.

Still, you can’t help but notice the look of concern on the cute pup’s face once he spots his toy in the dryer. Almost immediately he goes in for it, grabbing the teddy bear gently with his mouth before turning to make off with it. Even more noticeable is the obvious fact that this pup is overjoyed to be reunited with his favorite toy because as soon as he has his toy his tail starts wagging away.

Cute dog videos like this are always fun to watch and show us just how lovable and fun our pets can be. They also give us a peek into what our pets get up to all day, especially when we are not around to keep a close eye on them.

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