Woman tells her dog she can’t have what she wants – Dog throws the most dramatic hissy fit

Things don’t always go as planned, and no matter how much we hate it finding ourselves in such situations, we have to accept it and just move forward and come up with another plan. And as many of us understand this, there are those who are making drama over little things that aren’t turning out their way.

Sometimes, things don’t go always as wanted, and no matter how we hate finding ourselves in such situations, we have to just move on and accept it the way it is

The fun thing is that this isn’t only true for humans, but animals as well. Yes, our pets can experience disappointment when they don’t get what they want.

As we will probably judge a grown up person who throws tantrums, when animals throw hissy fits they are sort of sweet and adorable. Just watch this dog’s reaction. This has to be the most unusual act of reluctant obedience we’ve ever seen.

Apparently, lovely Sadie had been denied something by her owner. Who knows, maybe she really wanted to play fetch, or simply take a walk in the nearby park. No matter the reason, she is obviously dissatisfied.

She starts groaning aloud and then THROWING a fit. She literally does that. First, turning to the camera, then taking a step back, and lastly throwing herself on the floor, it’s a reaction nobody expected to witness. As she is behaving like a spoiled kid, her owner, Ashlyn Skaggs does what a parent of a kid like that would do, shows lack of enthusiasm for the pet’s reaction.

She casually says, “Sadie, nobody cares,” while the dog continues being mad. No matter how sorry you may feel for Sadie not being granted her wish, her reaction will definitely make you laugh.

Watch the priceless video below: