Woman is reunited with lost dog after 2 years thanks to social media shares

Most stray dogs have struggles fending for themselves on the streets as they depend on the kind people who are willing to share with them their scraps.

When the volunteers from a Ukrainian shelter came along a confused and unhealthy blue-eyed dog, they took him in and were willing to do their best to nurture him to complete recovery.

The dog had mange and it was obvious his life on the streets was harsh. So, they really wanted to find him a nice home, not assuming he already had one.

The first thing the shelter staff did was post the dog’s photo on the social media, hoping it would help find potential adopters.

Little did they know the photo would go viral in a matter of days and would help reveal the true story behind the pup with the saddest eyes they’ve ever seen.

Not only people from Ukraine, but from all over the world shared the photo.

Only two days later, a woman called in the shelter saying the dog resembled the one that got stolen from her backyard two years ago.

“She’d been looking for her dog for two years,” Galina Lekunova, who works at the shelter, told The Dodo. It left everyone wondering whether the dog that stole everyone’s heart belonged to this woman.

They asked her to come at the shelter and see how the dog would react. What they witnessed was something extraordinary. A touching reunion unfolded in front of their eyes. Take a look at the reunion in the video below: