Woman hears tiny cries coming from somewhere, then she looks around and finds a trash bag moving

This woman was surprised to hear a whimpering, she looked around but couldn’t see any animal, she followed the tiny cries until she realized it’s coming from a trash bag. She was stunned to see a movement inside the bag. She quickly opened it and found the most heartbreaking sight ever! A kitten was suffocating inside. It was obvious that someone put it in there. Whoever put the poor kitten in there isn’t a human but a monster!

Thankfully, the woman came just in time to save the helpless kitten. If it wasn’t for her, the kitten could be dead right now. It’s absolutely sad and infuriating to know that there are heartless people who harm animals like this, but we’re glad that there are angles like this woman out there to help them.

This is very heartbreaking, but the ending to this story is beautiful… Watch story below: