Woman hears strange cries, gets closer only to discover what a stray dog is hiding

A stray dog in Argentina has earned a hero status after she botched a calculated murder planned by a 33-year-old woman against her own infant. The dog, named Way, was already a mom to some cute little pups when she bumped into this innocent child abandoned in the freezing cold in the streets. Her maternal instincts kicked in and the dog decided to immediately adopt the little human as her own. Wow!

Way took the kid to her litter and they all bundled together to keep the infant warm. It wasn’t until the next morning when one lady, Alejandra Griffa, heard the baby’s cries as she passed by the dog’s lair. She walked over to investigate, and guess what she found!

She immediately rushed the little soul to the nearest medical center for treatment and care. The child’s mother was promptly identified and arrested. Way was crowned “hero” and everyone was thankful that the dog was kind enough to save the child. You realize that some dogs would just maul the infant to death and feed it to their litter. That’s what makes Way different.