Woman Goes Hiking, Then Tragedy Hits. How Her 3 Dogs Help Her Survive is Leaving The Internet Stunned

The notion that a dog is man’s best friend was not coined in futility. In fact, this is something that has been proven more times than we can count. The story featured in this video will tug at your very heartstrings!

Annette Poitras is a great woman by all accounts, and she has three dogs. She loves walking them. On this particular day, she had an urge to go out for a hike in the woods, so she called up her cute canines, and off they went.

However, things did not go quite as planned. Annette had an accident. She fell and injured herself seriously, and she could not get up. Her phone, too, got lost. She had to lie there and wait for help. She knew her hubby, Marcel, would find help if she did not turn up at home. He did!

For two days, over 100 people and two helicopters combed the Eagle Mountain, in British Columbia, looking for Annette. They found her, but it was what her dogs had done for her that amazed everyone. Her three dogs had stayed right beside her the whole time!

Watch this for the full heartwarming story. I love these canines already.